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CaneFire - Pandemonium in 44.1/16 AIFF and mp3 formats. Includes digital booklet.


The follow-up to 2005’s Kaiso Blue, Pandemonium embodies all the sizzle and twice the sophistication of its predecessor. It is a hard-hitting blend of Latin and Caribbean rhythms from all corners of the continent, all packaged up with a jazz sensibility and played with a passion that blows the lid off of Caribbean music stereotypes.


Piano - Jeremy Ledbetter

Steelpan - Mark Mosca

Trumpet - Alexis Baró

Tenor Sax - Braxton Hicks

Percussion - Alberto Suárez

Drums - Rosendo "Chendy" León

Bass - Yoser Rodríguez

CaneFire - Pandemonium [Digital Download]

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