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Canadian-born pianist Jeremy Ledbetter is a fiery, passionate performer whose music knows no boundaries.

His compositions are wildly creative and deeply emotional. At Ledbetter’s hands, the piano roars, whispers, cries, and laughs, telling stories as only he can, evoking cinematic images in the listeners’ minds. A Jeremy Ledbetter performance is an experience not easily forgotten.


Throughout his career, Jeremy has travelled to the far-flung corners of the globe in

His compositions have been performed at

His bands have played the


Forged in a cauldron of raging, inspiring contemporary jazz, the Jeremy Ledbetter Trio pushes the boundaries of jazz and world music, providing an undiluted display of rampaging energy and captivating musicianship.  Audiences must exercise caution.  People who see this band are rarely the same again.  If the Jeremy Ledbetter Trio were an inanimate object it would be a runaway train.

The Jeremy Ledbetter Trio sees Jeremy joined by Grammy-winning drummer Larnell Lewis (Snarky Puppy) and renowned electric bassist Rich Brown (Steve Coleman), who offer the perfect counterpart to Ledbetter’s iconoclastic energy at the piano.  The Trio’s debut album “Got a Light?”, released in 2018, has been described as “a controlled explosion of big ideas and compelling musical storytelling”. Their follow-up album, "Gravity", will be released in Sept 2024.


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